Websites8 Reasons Why Hiring a Web Designer is Your Best Bet

January 12, 2021by Studio MFP0

If you’ve noticed that traffic to your website has been diminishing in recent months, and falling far short of your expectations, it may be that you need a website redesign which offers greater appeal and a more enjoyable experience to visitors. It might also be that your business has changed in a significant manner and that a complete redesign of your website would be beneficial.

Rather than trying to do it yourself, you’ll find that the most economical approach to developing a modern and efficient website with powerful visual appeal can best be accomplished by enlisting the aid of a professional. Here are some of the reasons why it’s very much to your advantage to work with a professional to accomplish the redesign of your website.

1. You can be sure of having high quality

A professional web designer focuses their whole attention on designing and developing websites, so it makes sense that they would be the experts who could provide the best quality for your new website. You can certainly go the route of investing in an inexpensive website template, but these are always fairly basic, and can’t really be fully customized to your business. You might have an attractive cookie-cutter website, but it will still be a cookie-cutter website in the end. When you work with a really skilled web designer, you can count on having a site which is attractive and dynamic, while also providing a very satisfying experience to all your site visitors.

2. Responsive design

This is a characteristic which you simply can’t ignore in today’s business world, because users of mobile devices have actually outstripped PC users these days. That makes it critical that your website is presented optimally to users of mobile devices, and that no quality is lost on a shorter screen. Anytime a user runs into any difficulty scrolling through your website on their smart phone for instance, they’ll quickly just bounce to another website which provides a better display. You simply can’t afford to lose the traffic from all the mobile devices currently being used.

3. Strategic plan for your website

A professional web designer/developer will be able to collaborate with you to create a good strategic plan for your website. This means that elements of your business model will be incorporated into the design, and that your future goals will also be strongly considered as the site gets developed. If you convey your business model and organizational goals properly to the web designer, you can count on a product which will provide a solid foundation for your business now and in the future.

4. Competitive advantage

While you might do an adequate job of designing and developing your own website, you need to keep in mind that business competition these days is extremely fierce, and your site will be competing against thousands of others. That alone should tell you that you need to develop the very best website possible, so that it can stand out from all the others in your field. You might save money by developing your own website, but it’s more than likely that it won’t stack up well against all the other sites in your industry. In the end, the money that you saved by doing it yourself won’t mean much because incoming revenue is likely to be far short of expectations.

5. Search engine optimization

This is much more than an industry buzzword, but rather it’s one of the most important tools that any business owner can make use of on their website. If your website isn’t fully optimized, you probably won’t be ranked highly by the major search engines, and that means your website will not be presented to users searching for products or services you might provide. It is essential that your website appear on the first page of search results, or you simply won’t be found by the majority of users. An expert in SEO design can ensure that all the right elements are incorporated into your site, so that it will be ranked highly by search engines, and so it will be found by your targeted users.

6. Reliable design

A website which is designed and developed by a competent professional will always be much more reliable than one created by an unpracticed developer. If you were to create your own website, it’s entirely possible that you would incorporate some bugs which interfere with navigation or with the functionality of your site. When such obstacles are encountered, you may not even have the expertise to address them and to eliminate the problems. All that can be avoided by working with a skilled web designer/developer who knows how to avoid such problems, and who is capable of overcoming them if they do occur.

7. Saving time

Another really great reason to engage the services of a skilled professional is that it will always save you time, compared to the time it would take if you are to develop the website yourself. A professional will be aware of all the techniques and skills necessary to develop a really great website, whereas an amateur developer would very likely have far less knowledge. This would inevitably result in a much longer design and development process, simply because the amateur developer won’t be quite as efficient or skilled.

8. Faster website

More than ever before, it is extremely important that a website not only look great but that it functions extremely well. A big part of functionality is blazing fast loading speed, and this is important because user tolerance for data loading on a website is generally very low. When a user is forced to wait for images to load on a website display, it’s very likely that they’ll lose patience and abandon your site in favor of one which is faster. You could end up losing tons of visitors this way, simply because they won’t tolerate slow loading times. A skilled professional will be aware of this situation, and can design/develop a website which loads very quickly, and keeps your website visitors in place.

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