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September 14, 2020by Studio MFP0

All digital marketing strategies and plans begin with reliable digital content creation. Today, consumers are more exposed to digital content than ever before. But, what is digital content creation and how is it different from print content?

In literary terms, content creation is the contribution of information to any media, especially to digital media, for an end-user/audience in specific contexts.  The growing prevalence of digital media in our everyday lives through smartphones and tablets has made it much more popular than print media. Whether it is writing for blogs, articles, newsletters, white papers, or online marketing materials, digital content creation involves a different writing style than print content. While print writing is more of presenting all the information creatively all at once for its audience, digital writing is supported with links, numbered lists, and other media for the same audience. Also, keeping in mind that a readers’ attention span is shorter, online content is kept crisper and supported with apt media to make it more interesting.

Creating useful content with a purpose

Digital content creation aims to develop useful and compelling content that is meaningful to the target audience. Each type of content has its purpose. While articles and blogs discuss newsworthy topics related to your brand, case studies deal with a specific solution of an organization catering to a specific area.  In other words, if the purpose of content is defined in the initial stage, it becomes easier to achieve the desired results.

The effectiveness of content lies in its ability to resonate with the audience in a manner that it is not only absorbed well by them but also referred further.

Powerful SEO and Social Media Links

A well-implemented SEO strategy will determine your searchability and rankings depending on your location and industry. Content built on well-researched keywords will be highly beneficial in reaching the targeted audiences and a formal strategy involving Google Ad words.

In today’s times, when social media is followed by everyone, it will be beneficial for companies and businesses to link their social media profiles to their websites. According to statistics, only 2.35% of the people visiting your websites are sure to become customers. But with the help of social media links, it is possible to stay in touch with them and nurture them with good content which can result in transforming the lead into a customer.

Moreover, this strategy goes a long way in building trust and demonstrating authenticity among people – authentic brands have more probability of attracting high-value customers. How can that be achieved? Well, some websites give information about their CSR initiatives in a dedicated page, which demonstrates how they are giving back to the society while some others have social media posts where strong messages are posted on a weekly or daily basis. Whatever may be your method, people nowadays go with authentic, transparent, and more meaningful brands in ways to them.

Additionally, as per Google’s statement, adding social media links on websites may increase your website’s visibility on search engines as it “provides Google with information (…) to help determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.”

Also, ensure that outbound links should have links to the sites that have higher domain authority.

Support with images and multimedia

The experience of reading digital content that is supported with images, infographics and videos is far more effective and impactful than mere information/plain content.  Research shows that content supplemented with captivating images and videos gets 94% more views on an average than those without it.   The usage of multimedia in content can be entertaining, educational, and will improve the chances of the desired results to be achieved faster.  Statistics also reveal that 67% of online customers consider detailed images and photographs to be more important than product information or customer ratings.

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