Investing in Social Media Marketing: Avoid these 5 Mistakes

August 30, 2020by Studio MFP0

Every business – big or small – needs a social media presence in today’s world. With over three billion people worldwide using social media actively every month, it has become an essential part of every marketing strategy. While it may not be necessary to be familiar with all the trending buzzwords and jargon related to social media platforms, it will still help start somewhere!

Social media marketing not only helps to build and increase your brand awareness among customers, but it also helps to prove your authenticity.  People want to see real faces behind the brands and their corporate images. With the help of social media, you can engage with people objectively.  Also, this activity increases traffic to your website and helps in promoting the products and services, which is the ultimate goal of any marketing activity.

While it is easy to follow trends, social media marketing may not necessarily work for you if you don’t do it the right way! As with any other activity, a strategy must be followed for a positive outcome to be attained.

Here are some common mistakes that social media marketers often make, which leads to a drop in follower count and a subsequent dip in revenue:


  1. Working without a social media marketing plan

A social media marketing plan without research and foresight can be a massive waste of time and effort. Not all content can be posted on every social media platform to attract followers. Also, the sequence of your content has to be pre-decided – either daily, weekly or monthly plan based on which meaningful contents should be published.

A complete social media strategy includes a well-defined plan and clearly stated goals, the effectiveness of which reflects on the posts. The posts have to be a combination of content, images, videos, blog URLs, hashtags, retweets and much more.  Adopting a tone of voice unique to your brand will help strike the right chords with the audience.

  1. Assuming that everyone is your audience

Social media is, no doubt, a platform where you can connect with a huge audience. But not having a defined target audience is like shooting in the dark. No matter how useful the posts are, they will fail to draw any audience engagement if made generically. In other words, it is important to identify the segment that fits in the ‘buyer marketing persona’. Not everyone will be interested in your product. The specific segment based on age, gender, demography, industry, preferences has to be chosen and the campaigns be tailor-made in a way that engages the same.

  1. Reacting offensively on negative feedback

Reacting inappropriately to negative feedback is one of the most commonly made mistakes that brands do. Some go on to make excuses while others delete it downright. In worst cases, some even ignore it taking it to be trivial. Again, reacting in this manner is a grave mistake and could prove detrimental to your business, as negative feedback shows that there is scope for improvement, and the business does not want to improve. After all, it is based on the end-user experience of a product.

When customers take the effort of engaging with you and letting you know about your product shortcoming, they expect you to take them seriously.  What they expect is a better product experience in the future and not a formal apology. In this scenario, the best course of action would be to have a response team that manages such negative criticisms by taking the necessary action. That action could easily to make sure the customer knows you understand, and use that feedback constructively.

  1. Be too promotional

Being over promotional is undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes that brands make. Over promoting your product would make customers lose interest in your brand. The best strategy would be to keep promotional posts minimal, giving out the only necessary information and pertinent information. One promotional post per four non-promotional updates is what is recommended. Non-promotional updates could be anything ranging from images or videos about your brand culture or informative blogs. In other words, the posts should always aim at bringing value to the audience. The common phrase is give, give, give, then ask. Use this for content marketing as well when creating a content marketing plan.

  1. Do everything on your own 

It’s important to remember that not everyone can be good at everything that they do. The effectiveness of social media marketing lies in the right strategy, and that is why there are professionals who can help you get the desired results. A dedicated team that consists of an analyst, a communicator, a product expert and a coordinator – is adept enough to handle your social media posts. They are trained to make your goals and target work, and also handle all kinds of situations as they arise.

Studio MFP is your Social Media Marketing agency that can help your business get maximum social media marketing efforts. We can assist you to engage with your customers on all social media platforms. Be it daily posting, blog writing, Facebook Ads, detailed analytics, LinkedIn Advertising or custom profile creation, and we are into a range of social media marketing services.

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