Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

July 1, 2020by Studio MFP0

If you want your social media posts to get high viewership and readership, there are some guidelines which you should observe, so you don’t run the risk of offending large numbers of people, and so you do provide a rewarding experience for them. If viewers and readers are not engaged by your content, and don’t truly appreciate what you’re offering, they will be quick to abandon your posts in favor of something which is more satisfying. Here are some recommendations that you should keep in mind as Best Practices for your photos, videos, blog posts.

Follow These Tips! 

Do be authentic with your audience because this is the key to establishing trust with them. The more trust you can establish with your audience, the more likely they are to keep following along and wanting to be part of your life. Readers are intelligent enough to know when you’re being genuine with them. When they detect that you’re anything less than that, they are likely to turn away and go somewhere else for their videos and/or blogs.

Don’t be spammy. Asking for more than what you’re giving is virtually the same thing as spamming. When you’re being spammy with your audience, you make it seem as though they don’t really matter to you, and that you just want them to read the spam or to make a sale. If your audience gets this feeling, you can pretty much count on them going elsewhere.

Do add value which gives your followers a reason to keep watching or reading. If you take the time to do some research and understand just what it is that brings joy or satisfaction to them, it will help tremendously boost engagement with your followers. By adding value, we mean providing information which is useful to them, and perhaps solves a need they have, or tells them something they need to know.

Don’t be a ghost, which means you shouldn’t post once a month then go away for an extended period. The most annoying thing to a follower is to care and invest in you, and then have you gone missing in action, or to share once a month and then disappear. They care about what you have to say, and it is a major reason why they follow you. If your followers get the feeling that you’ve deserted them, they will probably return the favor and do the same to you.

Do help more than you sell, and that means you should follow the Golden Rule of sales: give, give, give, then ask. Give purpose and value up front, so that when you do ask, they will already trust you, and will then be more interested in buying from you. Without that pre-established trust, any sales pitch you make will probably fall on deaf ears.

Don’t ignore comments or questions, because that makes your followers feel like you’re not paying attention to their concerns. Even if it gets to be a little overwhelming to respond to tons of comments, you should make a point of reading them all, then try to be kind and thank them because they took the time to reach out to you. Keep in mind that these are the people whom you will eventually target for sales. You want to establish a relationship with them, so that sales will be more likely. All this goes back to making your followers feel valued and acknowledged, and showing that their opinions matter to you. By answering all your followers’ questions and comments, you’ll be showing them that they do matter very much to you, and that you are truly interested in engaging with them. Questions need to be answered so that sales can be made. Information must be provided when appropriate, so that followers can take the next steps and to become part of your loyal group of customers.

Do location-tag others, because the best way to find more people or followers outside your existing geographic area of interest, is to add an area which others might be interested in, or which they may be looking for. The same goes for tagging people, because this will help to broaden your area of influence and expand your regional interest.

Don’t go hashtag crazy. Pick out and use hashtags which relate to a photo or video you’re posting, or to your brand. When you use an excessive number of hashtags, it looks like you’re just fishing for a ‘like.’ It comes across as being uncertain, so you just use far more hashtags than you really need. A few hashtags can add great value to your post, and it can certainly increase readership or viewership, but a whole slew of hashtags makes reading difficult, and it makes your content look like you’re just reaching too hard for connections. Incorporating hashtags naturally will seem much more authentic to your readers and will make your content more credible and better appreciated. By overdoing it with hashtags, you will weaken your content, and make it less appealing as an informative piece. If you’ve prepared some really good content, let it stand on its own merits, and your audience will appreciate that much more than a hashtag-filled sales pitch.

Do be personal with your audience, because the more connected your audience feels to you, the more they can relate to what you’re saying or showing. They’ll want to follow you. Getting personal with your audience penetrates below the superficial level, and takes you deeper into their lives, where you can have a better understanding of what motivates and interests them.

Do offer solutions, because this is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. In order to offer solutions to your followers, you’ll need to know exactly what their pain points, needs, and desires are. When you’ve learned all about these, you’ll need to devise solutions to each of them, and that is what will earn you all kinds of new followers.

Follow these tips to have better success with your social media!

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