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March 10, 2020by Studio MFP0

Most business owners know how important social media is to their brand, but they don’t always know how to use it to their advantage. Far too many businesses create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and think that all they need to do is update their accounts frequently with advertisements for their services. While advertisements certainly have their place in digital marketing as a whole, social media marketing requires more engagement than a simple update every once in a while. If you really want to make the most of your business’s social media accounts and engage with your clientele, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Incorporate Images

A recent study showed that visual content leads to engagement rates as high as 85 percent on Facebook. It’s not hard to see why this is the case, while the vast majority of Facebook posts are still the kinds of short text updates that have been a part of the platform for years, photos and graphics are simply more likely to catch one’s eye than a paragraph. Meanwhile, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are based almost entirely on photo sharing, making a well-crafted image the point of a post.

Even though images are clearly valuable and important to any good social media marketing strategy, you still need to know how to incorporate them into your own marketing campaign. First of all, any image that you share on social media should be relevant to your brand and what you are trying to sell. These should be things like pictures of your products, the problems they are intended to solve, or even something positive that someone might associate with your brand. Even something as simple as your brand’s logo might catch the eye of a prospective client scrolling through their Facebook feed. Second of all, you need to adhere to a platform’s policies and best practices. You don’t want to post something that will just be pulled minutes or hours later, and you don’t want something that will push a platform to its technical limits. Anything you post should be kept simple and easy to view on your platform of choice. Finally, don’t just limit yourself to photos, infographics, and logos. You can incorporate features such as filters and frames that draw attention to a post, even if said post is an announcement of a new promotion that your business is rolling out.

Incorporate Humor

Humor isn’t appropriate for every brand, but people will be far more likely to remember and (more importantly) share a funny story or meme to their own social media pages. Many people even follow brands based solely on their humorous posts.

So yes, incorporating humor into your social media campaign is a great way to grab people’s attention, but you should always remember that comedy is subjective. What is funny to you might not be funny to someone else, so be careful about what is shared. If you or someone else on your staff does come up with an idea that has everyone laughing, post it and see what your followers think. Just be ready to keep a close eye on your post to make sure that it goes over as well as you hope.

Keep Monitoring Your Accounts

This ties into the previous point, but you should always keep a close eye on your accounts to make sure that what is posted is helping your brand. If you come up with a social media marketing strategy that isn’t grabbing people’s attention or is turning people off of your brand, be ready to make some quick changes. You should also keep an eye on what others are saying about you on social media. Perform an audit every so often to make sure that what is being said about your brand online helps your reputation and that you can clean up any posts that might present you in a negative or outdated light.

Engage with Clients

The keyword of social media is “social.” It was intended as an easy way for people to connect with one another and keep in touch. Businesses may use it to post advertisements and spread the word about their services, but they should also be using it to engage with clients directly. When you post something to social media and someone comments on it, feel free to comment back. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account and a client posts something good or bad about their experiences with you, acknowledge it and offer a solution if someone is not satisfied with your brand. You should be doing this as part of your monitoring efforts, but it really goes a long way towards building trust and building your client base.

Create Video Content

Much like images shared on Facebook, video content can be a great way to grab people’s attention and increase their engagement. A video can be used to introduce a product or service that you’re offering, share some interesting facts that are relevant to your brand, or explain how someone can use your products to solve a problem. These videos should be kept short if you’re posting them on social media though; anything longer than 90 minutes is too long for a Facebook feed. Subjects that require a longer video should be kept to YouTube.

Keep Posting

Person Using Smartphone

Finally, the best way to increase engagement on social media is to just keep posting regularly, preferably on a regular schedule. The best time to post will depend on the platform you’re using (Facebook posts should go out in the middle of the afternoon, while Instagram posts are most effective in the morning between 8 and 9 AM), but you should be prepared to post something new every few days. Experiment with these times depending on your audience’s preferred engagement times.

Things move quickly on social media, so don’t be afraid to hire a marketing firm such as Studio MFP if you’re too busy to keep a regular social media marketing schedule. In fact, Studio MFP can help you with practically any kind of digital marketing campaign so you can focus on your business. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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