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August 12, 20190

It wasn’t too long ago that any business which had its own mobile app was either a large corporation or a very successful business, either of which entities would presumably have the resources to develop and market their own mobile apps. In today’s business world, even smaller companies can develop and acquire their own apps, so they can serve their clients better and realize much higher returns on their investments.

People these days are also much more social, and mobile apps play right into that fact, since they increase the relationship between customers and companies. Nowadays the cost of developing a mobile app has become very reasonable, and developers are very common as well, so there’s really nothing which holds your company back from developing and marketing its own mobile app.

The benefits you see from increased relationships with your customers, will make it all worthwhile, and you will probably notice a significant growth factor in your business as well. Here are some of the benefits which you may not have thought of, which will accrue to your company by developing and marketing your own mobile app.

More direct marketing


Mobile apps have the capability of bringing a great deal of information to your business about your customer behaviors, for instance their geographic location as well as demographic data. It works both ways though, and you can provide a great deal of information about your company to your customers.

You can deliver all kinds of information to your customers such as special rates, promotions, discounts, product specs, new features, pricing information, and even news feeds, all through your mobile app. This kind of direct marketing puts information right in the hands of the people you want to have it, with no in between layers or middlemen.

Building brand recognition

When you have a brand-new business, or you’re re-branding your old one, you can increase the recognition factor for your company by using a mobile app. Any app that you can develop which has features appreciated by your customer base and by potential new customers, will have the capability or at least the potential of mesmerizing an entire audience.

Rather than creating expensive billboard or advertising in some other costly manner, create your own app and build your brand recognition that way. If you can find a way to engage your customers regularly, your mobile app will pay dividends in spades, and by constantly having your brand visible to users, you will definitely increase brand recognition.

Provide value to your customers

There are a number of ways you can offer greater value to your customers through your mobile app, for instance by implementing a loyalty program which rewards them for more purchases, or for higher dollar value purchases. It’s worthwhile moving this kind of a loyalty program to your mobile app, because that’s where people are glued to most of the time, so they’ll notice your app there were quickly, and they will be more likely to react to it. With many companies offering the same products and services, if you can get your products and services noticed by users through your mobile app, that would be a great way of distinguishing your company from all your competitors.

Increase your visibility

The average person in this country spends at least two hours a day on their mobile phones, and that fact alone means you should shift your marketing strategy to accommodate mobile devices. By having a mobile app available to your target audience, you will be able to increase your mobile presence significantly, and you’ll have your company name, image, and logo in front of them for much greater part of the day.

Especially if you have services or products which are based on the Internet, and if you can take advantage of sound SEO marketing principles, it makes great sense to have a mobile app to market them directly to users. The more opportunities you provide potential users to contact your company, the greater the likelihood is that you will be making sales to some of those individuals.

Convert your app into a social platform

There are a whole slew of social features which can be incorporated into a mobile app. One survey recently revealed that many people log into the social media for the sole purpose of determining what their friends are talking about. This fact can be taken advantage of and incorporated into your marketing strategy, so that potential users and customers see your brand and its products and services while they are in the act of catching up with friends.

If you can add valuable services to your app such as photo sharing, online storage, adding likes and comments, and messaging, you will be able to incorporate many of the most-used social communication functions that the big platforms offer. Another good idea would be to facilitate logging into Twitter, Facebook, or any of the other large social media platforms, right from your mobile app, so as to provide as much convenience to your customer base as possible.

Use your mobile app to complement your website

Some marketing executives wonder whether it’s worth their while to create an app if they already have a well-functioning website. The truth is that the two should go hand-in-hand and complement each other at all times. For instance, if the main function of a website is to attract new customers, then your mobile app can deepen the relationship between yourself and your customers by promoting customer loyalty.

Consider the ease-of-use that a mobile app presents the user with, given the fact that all that’s really necessary is a single touch on the screen of any mobile device, and your mobile app can be invoked to spring up on the screen. A website on the other hand, has to be navigated to after clicking on an icon, or typing in a URL. To make things as easy as possible for your client base and potential new customers, it’s definitely to your advantage to have a mobile app which can easily be invoked, and which can provide full functionality to anyone using it.

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