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July 18, 20190

It’s a known fact that as many as 97% of all Internet users consult online reviews of businesses prior to making any decisions on purchasing. The two most popular platforms for these reviews are Facebook and Google, with Facebook being the single most prevalent source for online reviews. In fact, 74% of people surveyed declared that Facebook Pages were their most trusted source for reviewing a business.

This being the case, it’s very important that your business manage its online reviews effectively. Your reputation as a business is at stake, and if not properly managed, you could find yourself losing droves of customers. Here are some tips on how to effectively manage reviews on both Facebook and Google, so you can prevent that from happening.

Managing Facebook Reviews

The first part of managing your Facebook reviews is to simply ask customers to leave a review about your business. Most customers will leave a positive review if asked, and if you don’t ask them, you could be missing out on some very positive feedback. The next step is to pay very close attention to what your customers say in their reviews. When you are aware of customer feedback, you will have a chance to correct any problems they bring up, and some customers will have legitimate issues with your service or products.

By constantly tweaking issues with your business, you will be able to convert lukewarm reviews into positive ones, and make more customers satisfied. Another benefit of paying close attention to what your customers are saying is that you’ll know what’s on their minds, and that will allow you to post more relevant content through your online channels.

Accept the fact that at some point you’re going to receive some negative reviews. When it happens, don’t react negatively to it and respond poorly. Consider it a learning experience and try to understand what made the customer leave a negative review. Chances are it’s something that needs fixing, and you can help your business by addressing the issue. One or two bad reviews are not going to impact public opinion excessively, but if you start to see numerous bad reviews, you need to quickly address the problem.

It’s important that you respond to reviews, good or bad, in a timely manner. If you ignore a negative review, customers will feel like you don’t care about their issues. Customers who have questions about your business will feel slighted if you don’t respond promptly. In situations where the review is positive, you miss a chance to build a good relationship with customers if you don’t quickly follow up with them.

Even if your business is one which is highly automated, you should make a point of keeping your responses to reviews personal. Responding to reviews is a golden opportunity to establish personal relationships with customers, and to show them that your business is a caring entity. Address customers by name, and specifically respond to whatever criticism or praise they included in their review. It’s also a good idea to ask what else you can do for them, to show that you legitimately care


Managing Google Reviews

Google can serve as something like a best friend for your business, so managing Google reviews can be very important to your overall success. Since Google processes in the neighborhood of 3.5 billion searches per day, your business needs to be one of those listed at the top of search results. Good Google reviews of your business will help your rankings, because these will be considered positive feedback about your company.


Consumers also pay considerable attention to what they read in Google reviews, so it’s easy to see why positive review reviews can be so beneficial for business. As a company, what you should be striving for is to have more reviews than the competition, and better reviews. Google will definitely play favorites with companies that have more positive online reviews. If you can establish an online feedback loop with your customers, you’ll have a direct pipeline to what they’re thinking about your business.

Paying attention to your customers’ concerns is much easier and far less dangerous, than trying to fight fires from a whole slew of poor customer reviews. Keep in mind that it may be important to have the most gold stars and the most reviews on Google, but it’s not the end of the world if you rank second or third. The business with five gold stars may get the most calls from customers, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to close the deal with all of them. Make your business as appealing as possible to customers, but don’t give up if you’re not at the top of the rankings.

Responding To Google Reviews

In order to respond to Google reviews, you need to sign in to Google My Business, and if you have multiple locations, you will have to click on Manage Location. Then select Reviews from the menu and choose Respond in order to reply to a specific customer review. Then just write your considered response and press the Submit button.

If you’re responding to a customer review on a mobile device, you’ll have to open the Google My Business app. You’ll notice there is an icon at the upper left corner of your screen, which you’ll have to tap before you see the selection for Reviews. Then you can choose Respond Now in order to specifically react to a customer’s review.

Your response should always be professional and courteous, and you should never try to win an argument with a frustrated customer. It’s always best to make your responses brief and to the point, so they seem genuine and are not overly involved. Whether the original review was positive or negative, you should thank the reviewer for taking the time to write about your business.

This will demonstrate some class on your part, and it will also show the majority of customers that you care about what they write. Avoid using your response as a sales pitch. Remember that the customer already bought your products or services, so you don’t need to convince them. Deal with any concerns as effectively as you can, and for positive feedback, make sure to thank the customer for their kind words.

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