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May 16, 2019by Studio MFP0

Text message marketing may just be one of the best kept secrets in the entire marketing world these days, although it’s certainly true that some businesses make very effective use of text marketing already. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, text message marketing involves the delivery of text messages to customers and potential customers for the purpose of promoting a brand or product. It often makes use of some kind of discount or limited time promotion to encourage participation and to make purchases.

What text message marketing is all about 

One of the important things to remember about text message marketing is that it is a permission-based methodology, which means that a business must obtain a subscriber’s permission prior to sending them any kind of text messages. Random messages should never be sent to individuals, even if they have already indicated some kind of interest in your products and brand. It can hurt a business’s reputation by doing so, and it’s actually illegal as well, so it’s certainly not worth the hassle.

When you make use of text message marketing, it’s always best to have some kind of a valuable offer to provide to subscribers, otherwise you run the risk of having them opt out of their subscription. In the past, this type of SMS marketing was mostly considered to be a marketing platform for younger audiences, but that has all changed now. Nowadays, more than 81% of all mobile device users have realized the benefits of text communication and are taking advantage of it.

With virtually everyone using text messages to stay in touch, businesses have also realized the value of staying in touch with their customers and are using this marketing approach effectively. In addition to showing users the interesting products and services you have to offer, it can help to increase your email list, or enhance your engagement with a target audience. Smart marketers will also reward subscribers who share more contact information and who demonstrate increased loyalty to your brand. SMS marketing is also ideal for event promotion, alerting users to register for an event, and possibly even attaching a no-cover charge type of promotion to the event for the benefit of your subscribers.

Many of the large corporate brands have begun making extensive use of text message marketing to increase engagement with their customers, but it is as yet a still largely untapped resource by small businesses. However, given the fact that SMS marketing is probably the most reasonably priced marketing methodology available today, absolutely all businesses should be making use of it. In addition to being highly affordable, it’s one of the fastest-acting marketing campaigns you could possibly use, with immediate returns very possible. And speaking of returns, there’s simply no better marketing strategy available today which will give you a better return on investment than SMS marketing.

Advantages of text message marketing

In addition to the fact that your marketing campaign is likely to see immediate returns from your SMS marketing efforts, and that your ROI will be significant, there are a number of other advantages to incorporating text message marketing in your overall marketing strategy. For one thing, virtually all cellphone owners keep their phones with them at all times, which means that you can reach your target audience at virtually any time of day, wherever they happen to be.

It has also been statistically proven that people are far likelier to open text messages then they are any kind of promotional emails. This high open rate is crucial to marketing efforts, because it means your message will almost certainly be seen, so if your messages are compelling enough, you have a good chance to actually reach your target audience and influence them to take some kind of action.

Many businesses have already discovered that by offering special discounts and pricing to their mobile device audience, that customers and potential customers can be strongly influenced to potentially make a purchase they might not have otherwise. This is one very powerful way of boosting your bottom line, because it taps into a customer pool that you probably did not have prior to using SMS marketing.

How are specific businesses helped by SMS marketing? 

Almost all businesses, both large and small, would be helped immensely by incorporating text message marketing in their overall marketing strategy. Retail businesses for instance, can make effective use of SMS messaging by broadcasting a high volume of messages to reach large numbers of potential customers. Restaurants can provide potential customers with menu item discounts and specials which are being run at various times, and this can lead to increased customer loyalty, as well as greater revenues.

Fitness centers can use SMS messaging to great advantage, by offering promotions to new customers who join their facility, which will be a great way of getting a leg up on the competition. Beauty salons and spas can benefit tremendously by SMS messaging, since a good portion of their clientele are already repeat customers. Offering promotions and special services to this loyal group of clients can increase revenues as well as increasing engagement with all those same individuals, to develop long-term relationship and increase loyalties.

The medical industry can put SMS marketing to great use in a number of ways, firstly by sending out reminders about appointments or about refilling prescriptions. Patient wellness checks can also be part of the routine messaging scheme for a medical facility, and past due payment reminders can also be issued, so as to avoid having receivables lapse into uncollectible.

Even dance studios can make very effective use of SMS marketing, especially since both students and parents are constantly on their cellphones to stay in touch with each other. Reminders and cancellations can be sent out, and students can be easily organized into groups via SMS messages. Special invitations can also be issued to enrolled students, as well as their parents.

Getting setup with text message marketing 

Best of all, you don’t really need any technical expertise whatsoever to get your small business or your large corporation started on text message marketing. You can leave all the details to Text MFP, a company with proven expertise in helping businesses develop marketing campaigns based on SMS marketing. When you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of text message marketing, all you have to do is sign up for free to take the first step toward increased sales and greater customer engagement.

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