The True Cost of Social Media Marketing

January 26, 20190

Costs of Managing Social Media Marketing in your Small Business

Hiring a part time employee to manage social media for roughly 20 hours a week:

Current average hourly wage for a millennial out of college with a degree in a field related to SMM: $16-$20/hour

Add another 10-15 hours per week doing other digital marketing like SEO and website maintenance. Whether it’s over time, or added another employee’s duties (very common). This can turn into hours of training, and performing tasks outside of their duties.

Training, purchasing of management software, etc: average $250-$300 per month (Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, etc plus reporting credits). For more info on the true cost of Hootsuite, and other softwares  for managing social media check out 7 Reasons Not To Use Hootsuite

Purchasing photos, creating content: $300-$800 per month (Subscription stock sites, proof reading services, or creating your own content)

Total cost for doing it on your own, before taxes, benefits, or going to a full time employee: Roughly $3,900 per month

Not only do you have to then train this employee, and conduct quality assurance, you also have to make sure they clock in on time, pay for them to have payroll, insurance, and provide them with means to create the content. 

This ends up burning employees out. First they are creating content for a few platforms, creating and managing advertisements. Did we mention trying to research all these platforms and staying up to date with information? Your employee is one single person! They have a whole other job to perform.

Your first thought may be to hire someone, or pass on the role of social media to an existing employee. Employees have to be invested to perform well on social media! You can’t have a receptionist or a sales person being your social media marketer. Don’t stretch them too thin.

This is expensive!! Time, resources, and money goes towards this process, and you won’t see any real content or ROI for a few months. Trial and error is very common.

Is there an alternative for my Social Media Marketing and Management?

Studio MFP’s social media service starts in roughly 3 days after you get in touch. Pricing starts at only $10 per day. You immediately start seeing savings. We could replace this single employee, or supplement their work and create a team on your behalf.

Even our most expensive packages rival the price of hiring someone full time. You will receive an entire workforce of Studio MFP behind the services, not just a single employee.

We customize the plans to fit your goals, and create expansive strategies and plans on your behalf, executing on them immediately. You won’t have to think about it, we are already on top of the ball.

If you are wondering, our plans start at only $10 per day… Does it still sound better to hire someone in house?

Get in touch with us at and we will make sure that your social media plan is affordable, and effective for your business.

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